Noxage staff in the winners circle

the vegasinflames staff in the winners circle


Our team has over 100 years of combined wagering experience betting; football, baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, horse racing and poker. Our main dish is the weekly football picks but we also offer special editions for events like; world cup, Olympics and breeder’s cup.

We are not the standard advice site that makes picks for all 115 football games on a given weekend then touts about how we won 47 of our “best” plays. Our game is to find a handful of plays every month and maximize profit.

We don’t pay much attention to X’s and O’s or injuries to key players because the Vegas linemakers will always be ahead of the game in factoring those things into their numbers. Why do you care if the starting free safety at Ball St. is out this week? Or if the Vikings have a new offensive coordinator. Let the bookmakers do all that leg work.

We’re a more organic, ears down to the ground type of service. We focus more on things like bio-rhythms of teams and players also things like weather and trends. We also use our proprietary system to trigger advantage alerts. We make plays ONLY after we have found an angle to give a couple percent advantage. While no strategy is never anywhere near 100% accurate when it comes to gambling, having a slight edge here and there is the only way to play this game.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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